Spring Daylight Saving Super Special!

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Only $100 for ALL SESSIONS for 4 weeks. That comes to only $8.33 per session! Save $50

New Clients only.

Tuesday 630pm, Thursday 630pm, Sunday 9am Adelaide City, Unley, East

Sale ends wednesday 14th October. Get in quick! Prices revert back to normal after sale ends.

Watch the video and see for yourself!



My Aim

Train and push you as hard as you can go, have you exhausted at the end of the session, but have you still smiling.

Why Get a Personal Trainer?

That's easy, choose any of the following-

  • Build muscle
  • Lose weight
  • Fit into a pair of you jeans you've wanted
  • Get your confidence back
  • Improve your love life
  • Get buff for summer
  • Get a beach body
  • Live longer
  • Build strong bones to reduce the risk of arthritis
  • Reduce heart disease
  • Get fitter

There's many more important reasons than this, but you get the idea....

Why Am I the Best?

The easy answer is I've been doing this a long time and know what works and what doesn't. I started off as a 70kg little 17 year old kid who like every other guy just wanted to get big and buff. I found out what worked and what didn't. I then became a bodybuilder until i got tired and burnt out from the gym and changed priorities and had a family. I got fat and had to lose 20kgs to get back into shape. As i hit my late twenties i wanted to get fit for sports. I know from using myself as the guinea pig what works and what doesn't.

A lot of trainers say this and that and tell you all kinds of stuff, usually the latest fads like organic, low carb diets etc. I know from experience, however, as i lived that life and know what it takes to succeed and get results.

Ive trained guys, girls, and kids for over 10 years.

Ive seen all the latest fitness trends, diets, ways of training.

Ive had clients lose 30kgs in 6 months and probably saved their lives.

Ive gotten people into shape for weddings and special events.

I even trained friends  until 2 weeks before the birth of their children...and then i've gotten them back into shape 6 weeks after.

Being a good trainer is having the experience and knowledge, being a good teacher and knowing how to train someone so it makes sense and is fun, training them as hard as they can go, be puffed out at the end but still smiling. Thats what i strive for and why i get results.


Adelaide's Best Bootcamp Group PT

$100 for 2 sessions per week or $150 for 3 for 4 weeks.

$20 casual

Personal Training Specials

10x45 Min Sessions $599 (SAVING $400)

  • Plus FREE 4 WEEKS of Group Sessions (Valued at $150)
  • Plus 4 Weeks Eating Plan including Grocery List (Valued at $200)
  • FREE digital copy of the "Essential Recipes" Valued at $50 - it's a healthy eating book sold world-wide from Australia’s leading health and fitness experts, myself included, packed full of 50 low fat healthy meals.
  • FREE Copy of Weight Loss Bible Valued at $50

10x30 Min Sessions $399 (SAVING $200)

  • FREE 4 Weeks eating plan including Grocery List valued at $200
  • FREE Copy of Weight Loss Bible Valued at $50

Paid upfront,  no refunds